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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – April 2019

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3/27/2019: Using InfraView to AutoSave Screen Grabs

InfranView allows you to auto save screen grabs in a number of different image formats.

3/28/2019: Active Learning in Relativity

An active learning project in Relativity will re-rank documents every 20 minutes; after 5 minutes if no coding decisions have been made; or after 200 documents have been reviewed.

3/29/2019: Bulk converting between image file formats

A free download allows you to bulk convert between the .bmp; .tiff; .jpg; .gif and.png formats.

3/30/2019: SAML 2.0 Authentication in Relativity

SAML 2.0 authentication eliminates the need for users to enter passwords.

3/31/2019: Script to find and replace strings in multiple text files

Import the re module to use regular expressions in Python.

4/1/2019: Hash value bit counts

Every hexadecimal is composed of 4 bits or half a byte. A MD5 hash value will have 32 alphanumeric characters or hexadecimals. 32 times 4 equals 128, so MD5 is a 128 bit value.

4/2/2019: Metadata Proves Timing of Search

Internal metadata for photos established that a search took place pursuant to a warrant.

4/3/2019: ABA Formal Opinion 93-379 on Billing Practices

“When that basis for billing the client has been agreed to, the economies associated with the result must inure to the benefit of the client, not give rise to an opportunity to bill a client phantom hours.”

4/4/2019: imagecacherviewer

A great, simple forensics tool that lets you quickly collect important digital evidence.

4/5/2019: Lookup the DPI of a PDF in Acrobat

Using print production in the Preflight tool of Adobe Acrobat you can analyze the resolution of a PDF file.

4/6/2019: Motion to Dimiss Granted to Dropbox in Patent Case

“So long as the underlying process claimed in the patent can be performed manually by a human, that is enough to find that a patent is directed toward an abstract idea.”  Orcinus Holdings, LLC v. Synchronoss Techs., Inc., No. 18-CV-06199-LHK, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 58619, at * 43 (N.D. Cal. Apr. 4, 2019).

4/7/2019: Support Vector Machine Learning

Active learning in Relativity uses support vector machine learning. The appropriate hyperplane will maximize the distance from the two nearest points from a class of responsive documents and a class of non-responsive documents.  So in this example, H3 is the most appropriate hyperplane.

4/8/2019: N.D. Cal. Ruling on Motion to Transfer: Ease of Access to Evidence Still a Factor in the Age of ESI

Judge Tigar noted judicial precedent finding the transportation of documents not to be burdensome because of technological advances, but held that, “[w]hile this diminishes the weight of this factor in the transfer determination, ease of access to the evidence remains a factor to consider.”

4/9/2019: Use MFCMAPI to wrangle email data

The free MFCMAPI tool can be used to search for blocked attachments and to export email metadata.

4/10/2019: Regex Syntax

When setting up regex searches in repeated content filters in Relativity, be sure to use the Perl Regex syntax.  The Python, ViM, and POSIX syntax may not work.

4/11/2019: Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

AD RMS can be used with Microsoft Exchange to prevent the recipient of an email from changing the content of an email, even though the email can be forwarded or replied to.   The original email gets added as an attachment to the reply email.

4/12/2019: 7th Circuit Order for Management of Privileged ESI

7th Circuit draft order for the management of privileged ESI recommends including as much objective metadata as possible on a privilege log.

4/13/2019: WinRAR Security Flaw

Don’t open compressed files in the ACE format with WinRAR.  A security flaw can lead to the loss of control of your PC to an outside attacker.

4/14/2019: Sedona Commentary on Information Governance

The commentary warns against a siloed approach to info gov – with different departments having their own policies or with policies for data privacy and electronic discovery that don’t take each other into consideration.

4/15/2019: C.D. Cal. Magistrate Judge Ruling on CEO Custodian’s Self-Collection

CEO custodian was allowed to self-collect, but must submit declaration regarding retention practices.

4/16/2019: Adding New Documents to Textual Near Duplicate Groups Can Create Anomalous Groups of One

In Relativity when an incremental analysis is run for a textual near dupe group, if a new doc matches an orphaned doc from the initial set and is larger, it will be in a group of one, and the doc from the initial set is not part of it.

4/17/2019: Searching Court Dockets on Bloomberg Law

The Bloomberg Law docket search tool is a unified docket search tool for American courts which incorporates the core functions of PacerPro and Lexis Courtlink.

4/18/2019: winmail.dat email attachment processing error

Emails with winmail.dat attachments may show the sender’s .pst file paths and login ID in the .dat file.  These are RTF Outlook emails another email client could not process.

4/19/2019: Relativity Repeated Content Identification – From the Bottom Up

Structured analytics will only search for repeated content from the bottom – no more than 200 tail lines can be reviewed.

4/20/2019:The Fastest Way to Review Email Threads in Relativity

In Relativity, you can review email messages more quickly in the email thread visualization than in the related items pane.

4/21/2019: Judge Grimm Encourages Use of Analytics Software for Privilege Review

Judge Grimm says that courts shouldn’t find waiver of privilege where parties use analytical tools and sampling correctly.

4/22/2019: Reviewing UTC codes in Instant Message Metadata

IM metadata will have two date/time fields – one for when a thread began and a second for when the current message was sent.  NYC & the Eastern USA shifts from UTC-5 to UTC-4 during daylight saving time.

4/23/2019: Creating an Optimized Analytics Index

Create an optimized analytics set in Relativity using a saved search with files of less than 30 MB.

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Sean O’Shea began working as a litigation support analyst at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP in 1998, near the dawn of the electronic discovery era. From assisting clients with the implementation of information governance policies, to conducting electronic presentations for attorneys at trials, he has been involved in all aspects of litigation support work. Sean is a Relativity Certified Administrator and an ACEDS Certified E-Discovery Specialist. He’s currently employed as a litigation paralegal in New York City, and continues to advise attorneys on legal technology. Look for a new tip on each night on www.litigationsupporttipofthenight.com.

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